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Anqing Hualei Textile Material Co., Ltd. Founded in 2007, it is located at No. 17 Jiaxian North Road, Huaining County Industrial Park, Anqing City, with an area of more than 23,000 square meters. It is a professional R & D, production and sales of high-efficiency meltblown cloth, KN95 meltblown cloth, BFE95 meltblown, cloth, A powerful manufacturer of environmentally sound-absorbing cotton , filter materials, sanitary materials, various types of non-woven fabrics and labor protection products.

The company now has two 100,000-level purification and dust-free workshops (for the production of high-efficiency filter materials, sanitary mask protection products, etc.), the introduction of Germany Laifen advanced melt-blown cloth equipment production lines, 10 fully automated N95 dust mask production lines and supporting Production line workshop for molding, heat sealing and punching. At the same time, in order to be in line with the international market, the dust-free purification inspection workshop is strictly produced in accordance with ISO9001 quality certification standards. All products have passed strict safety tests to ensure that the products meet the high quality standards and safety standards. The annual output is about 50 million square meters.


> At present, the company's R & D team has 8 people. The "environmental sound-absorbing cotton" developed by the company has extremely heat insulation, good hydrophobicity, flame retardancy, high sound absorption coefficient, no odor, no toxic volatile gas, and has environmental protection characteristics. This kind of sound-absorbing cotton replaces the non-environment-friendly materials with various problems, such as felt, foamed cotton, and compressed fiber, which are currently used in the market. It is widely used in sound insulation and insulation in automobiles, trains, aircrafts, and the construction industry. It has been recognized by experts and praised by the industry, and has obtained many patents.

The research and development team focuses on continuous product innovation: the company's fist products "Hua Lei" brand high-efficiency melt-blown cloth, BFE95, BFE99, KN90, KN95 and other series, ensure product performance shelf life of 3 years, suitable for new medical materials, mask filter cloth, adsorption filter material Air filtration, etc.

We start with meeting customer needs; exceeding customer expectations is our driving force; serving global customers and being recognized is our goal. So far we have won the favor of customers, all of which have been given to Ankai Bus, Jianghuai Automobile, Wuhu Chery, BYD and other customers experience in providing products and services.

The company plans to strive to become a one-stop purchasing base for the influential automotive industry in the field of sound insulation and medical and health materials in 3 years. Create a new era value brand-"flower bud"