How does the environmental sound-absorbing cotton work?
- 2019-11-19-

Acoustic materials can be divided into sound-absorbing materials and sound-proof materials according to their different functions. Sound absorption is mainly to solve the noisy feeling caused by sound reflection. The sound absorption material can attenuate the reflected energy of the incident sound source, thereby achieving the fidelity effect of the original sound source. The sound insulation mainly solves the transmission of sound and makes the subject feel noisy in the space. The sound insulation material can attenuate the transmitted energy of the incident sound source, thereby achieving a quiet state of the body space.

Environmental sound-absorbing cotton is a porous sound-absorbing material. The sound-absorbing mechanism is that there are a large number of tiny connected pores inside the material. The sound waves can penetrate into the material along these pores and cause friction with the material to convert sound energy into thermal energy. The sound absorption characteristics of porous sound absorbing materials are that the sound absorption coefficient gradually increases with increasing frequency, which means that low frequency absorption is not as good as high frequency absorption. The necessary conditions for sound absorption of porous materials are: the material has a large number of voids, the voids communicate with each other, and the voids penetrate deep into the material.

One of the misconceptions is that materials with rough surfaces have sound absorption properties, but in fact they are not. For example, brushed cement and stone with convexities on the surface do not have sound absorption capabilities. The second misunderstanding is that materials with a large number of holes in the material, such as polyphenylene, polyethylene, closed-cell polyurethane, etc., have good sound absorption properties. In fact, because these materials have no connectivity in the holes, the sound waves cannot penetrate deeply. Vibration and friction inside the material, so the sound absorption coefficient is very small.

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