The main purpose of efficient meltblown cloth
- 2019-11-29-

The main uses of high-efficiency meltblown cloth can be roughly divided into:

(1) Medical and sanitary cloths: surgical gowns, protective clothing, disinfection cloths, masks, diapers, women's sanitary napkins, etc .;

(2) Fabrics for home decoration: wall stickers, tablecloths, sheets, bedspreads, etc .;

(3) Follow-up cloth: lining, adhesive lining, flakes, styling cotton, various synthetic leather base cloths, etc .;

(4) Industrial fabrics: filter materials, insulation materials, cement bags, geotextiles, cladding fabrics, etc .;

(5) Agricultural cloths: crop protection cloths, seedling cloths, irrigation cloths, insulation curtains, etc .;

(6) Others: space cotton, thermal insulation materials, linoleum, smoke filters, tea bags, etc.

Meltblown cloth filter material is adhered together by random distribution of polypropylene ultrafine fibers. The appearance is white, flat and soft. The material fiber fineness is 0.5-1.0μm. The random distribution of fibers provides more thermal bonding between fibers. Opportunity, so that the meltblown gas filter material has a larger specific surface area and a higher porosity (≥75%). After high-pressure electret filtration efficiency, the product has the characteristics of low resistance, high efficiency, and high dust holding capacity.

2 main specifications:

Gram weight: 18g-40g

Wide: generally 175mm and 180mm (can also be determined according to customer needs)

Melt-blown cloth uses high-speed hot air flow to draw a thin stream of polymer melt extruded from the spinneret of the die, thereby forming ultra-fine fibers and collecting them on the screen curtain or roller, and at the same time bonding itself to become Meltblown nonwovens. The production process of meltblown cloth is mainly: 1. Melt preparation 2. Filtration 3. Metering 4. Melt extrusion from the spinneret 5. Melt fine-flow drafting and cooling 6. Web forming

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