Meltblown filter material manufacturers teach you how to choose and replace air filter cotton?
- 2019-11-29-

Meltblown filter material manufacturers teach you how to select and replace air filter cotton as follows:

When it comes to air filter cotton, don't you all know? This is a filter medium. The air filter cotton can filter and purify the polluted gas, dust particles and exhaust gas contained in the air. So how to choose and replace the air filter cotton? The following Hualei Industry will analyze it for everyone. If you want to know it, let's look down!

1. Grasp the main influencing factors to choose, such as high temperature gas, flammable dust, etc.

2.The filtration performance of filter cotton should meet the conditions and special requirements in the production process;

3. Temperature of the gas: The temperature of the dusty gas is an important factor. Generally, the gas lower than 130 ℃ is called normal temperature gas, and the gas higher than 130 ℃ is called high temperature gas. For these two types, namely normal temperature filter material and high temperature filter material;

4. Humidity of the gas: Dust-containing gases can be divided into three types according to their relative humidity. When the relative humidity is below 30%, it is a dry gas, and between 30% and 80% is a general state. Above 80% It is a high-humidity gas. For high-humidity gas, condensation will occur when the gas is cooled when it is at a high temperature. This will cause the surface of the filter bag to foul and block, and it is also easy to corrode the material. This is also what we need to choose when choosing Pay attention

5. Select filter materials with longer service life as much as possible, which can not only save operating costs, but also meet the discharge requirements of standards;

6, price comparison, beware of some bad businesses to take advantage of price concessions, sell some inferior products, when choosing, shop around, do not covet small and cheap.