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Mask meltblown cloth manufacturers introduce filter materials to you


The mask melt-blown cloth manufacturer introduces the filter material to you:

Filter materials are often what we can see every day. With the vigorous promotion of the national heavy industry, many pollutants are present in the air. In general, people who come into contact with this area will wear masks or block some air from the air. Harmful impurities that cause a filtration process before inhalation. Activated carbon, which is encountered in daily life, also has this effect. Usually, we most often put it in tea boxes and have a filtering effect. So what exactly is a filtering process? Let's do an experiment.

The process of purifying and purifying fluids through special devices has many filtering methods and a wide range of materials, including solid-liquid, solid-gas, large particles, and small particles. Filtration is when the liquid (or gas) in the suspension (or heating gas containing solid particles) permeates the medium under the driving force or other external forces, and the solid particles and other substances are trapped by the filter medium, so that the solids and other substances and liquids ( Or gas) separation [1].

A method for separating liquids from liquid-insoluble solids by taking advantage of differences in the solubility of substances. For example, the mixture in the beaker with a small amount of coarse salt is removed by filtration. Before filtering, the mixture should be stirred with a glass rod and then filtered. If the solution is still cloudy after filtering, it should be filtered again until the solution becomes transparent. 3. The method of washing the precipitate in the filter: Add distilled water to the filter with a flask or a dropper to cover the water surface with no sediment. After the solution has been completely filtered, repeat 2-3 times. Gehuajing: It is produced using imported polymer materials and is the latest environmentally friendly product. It is widely used in stable and large factories and mines, disinfection, filtration, etc., for breeding, sugar making, papermaking, tap water purification, oil drilling. It is used in chemical refining, large oil depots, new chemical textile stalls, etc. It uses imported equipment to produce. It has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., avoiding the disadvantages of poor domestic raw materials and short life .

The filter paper is cracked. Cause of filtration: The lower end of the glass rod is close to the layer of filter paper. (The filter paper is punctured.) The beaker containing the mixture is not close to the glass rod. (The filter paper was broken by the mixture) Cause: The liquid level is higher than the edge of the filter paper. (The mixture flows directly from the gap between the filter paper and the funnel)

Bucket beaker glass rod, filter paper funnel angle is the same: "fun" refers to the funnel; "frame" refers to the funnel frame. These two sentences point out the equipment needed for the filtration operation experiment: funnel, funnel holder, beaker, glass rod, filter paper, and emphasize that the angle of the filter paper must be the same as the angle of the funnel. Let it stand before filtering: This means that the liquid must be allowed to stand for a while before filtering, so that the solid and liquid can be fully separated. Do n’t forget the three leans and two lows: it means do n’t forget the three leans and two lows when filtering. "Three leans" means that the end of the funnel neck should rest on the wall of the beaker that receives the filtrate, the bottom end of the glass rod should rest on the filter paper, and the beaker mouth holding the filter liquid should rest on the glass rod; "Means that the edge of the filter paper should be slightly lower than the edge of the funnel, and the liquid level of the filtrate to be poured should be slightly lower than the edge of the filter paper.

The filtering materials used to filter out different substances are different, but the physical conditions they react to are the same. It is useful to filter out the unnecessary things.