Use of high-quality environmental protection sound-absorbing cotton
- 2019-11-29-

The use of high-quality environmentally-friendly sound-absorbing cotton is very wide. Various types of buildings have a comprehensive use of sound-absorbing cotton. At present, Jiayin Sound-absorbing Soundproofing Group sells sound-absorbing cotton, egg sound-absorbing cotton, glass fiber sound-absorbing cotton, gradient sound-absorbing cotton, and polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton. Each of these sound-absorbing cottons has its advantages, and it is suitable for our different types of related Under construction. Many enterprises will also choose suitable high-quality and environmental-friendly sound-absorbing cotton according to their own needs.

High-quality environmental-friendly sound-absorbing cotton, with higher quality, can play many practical roles in our various buildings. Not only can the sound insulation and sound absorption effect be more significant, but also it can play a higher waterproof, moisture resistance, have better air permeability, high quality sound-absorbing cotton, strong, because it does not add any toxic chemicals Ingredients, without any taste, without any side effects for our human body, non-toxic and harmless, are truly environmentally friendly products, so that our users can be more assured. 100% environmentally friendly building materials, 100% can be recycled, and truly implement environmental protection to the end.

At present, most of the houses we live in are regular rectangles, and most of them are plastered brick walls, which are hard-tuned spaces. To get better sound space, proper acoustic processing is still necessary. Aiming at the strong reflection in the hard-tuning space and the standing wave caused by low frequency, let the safe gradient sound absorption cotton help you to create the depth and width of the sound field.

Seeing many environmentally-friendly sound-absorbing cottons with the same thickness, the prices are very different. In fact, the reason is that the density of these sound-absorbing cottons are different. In acoustic principles, the greater the density of environmental-friendly sound-absorbing cottons, the stronger the ability to absorb low frequencies. However, when the density is within a certain range, the low-frequency energy absorption reaches the limit. Therefore, it is recommended that you select the appropriate density of sound-absorbing cotton according to the acoustic requirements of the respective location.