Characteristics of labor protection canvas gloves


Features of labor insurance canvas gloves:

The labor protection gloves in labor protection canvas gloves supplies, because it is multi-strand weaving, so the texture is firm, wear-resistant, compact and thick, strong and durable, can effectively protect workers' hands, and is often used in severe A high degree of work environment. For example, in the construction, stone mining, textile, grinding, metal casting, pharmaceutical, electronics, food factory, material processing and grinding and other industries. At the same time, it is suitable for mechanical processing plant enterprises, mechanical workers, welding workers, mechanics, and construction workers. Motorcycle maintenance (change of oil, etc.), transportation, demolition, carpentry work, cutting of saplings, etc. are clean and convenient, protecting both hands.

Some things to note when using protective canvas gloves:

1. Choose canvas gloves suitable for different workplaces. The selected canvas gloves must have sufficient protection. In the environment where steel wire cut-resistant gloves are used, cut-resistant gloves made of synthetic yarn cannot be used. To ensure its protective function, gloves must be changed regularly. If the life span is exceeded, there is a risk of injury to hands or skin.

2. Check the canvas gloves at any time to check whether there are small holes or damaged or abraded places, especially the seams.

3. Pay attention to the use of canvas gloves. If a pair of canvas gloves is used in different places, the service life of canvas gloves may be greatly reduced. 4. When taking off canvas gloves, we must pay attention to the correct method to prevent the harmful substances contaminated by the gloves from contacting the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution. 5. It is best not to share canvas gloves with others, because the inside of the canvas gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Sharing canvas gloves is prone to cross infection.

6. Wash your hands before wearing canvas gloves. Canvas gloves should be worn on clean (sterile) hands, otherwise bacteria can easily grow. After removing the canvas gloves, wash your hands and rub hand cream to replenish oil.

7. Cover the wound before wearing canvas gloves. The skin is a natural barrier against external environmental damage and can prevent the entry of bacteria and chemicals.