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Features of environmental sound-absorbing cotton
- 2019-11-13-

Environmentally-friendly sound- absorbing cotton is a new product developed on the market with polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton instead of glass fiber, rock wool, sponge and other harmful sound-absorbing materials. The environment-friendly sound-absorbing cotton is made of 100% polyester fiber. Made of cocoon cotton. Use public heat treatment method to achieve density diversification, making it an excellent product among sound absorbing materials, decorative materials and sound insulation materials. Its environmental protection performance is its biggest advantage. The test data reaches the national E1 level. The evaluation is that it can directly contact the human body. It is the most efficient sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material that is closest to nature and harmless to the human body and the environment. Its fire resistance is B1, which is a flame-resistant product. Its sound absorption performance has been recognized by the majority of acoustic experts. Environmental sound-absorbing cotton is fully used in Europe and the United States. It is used to replace harmful sound-absorbing materials such as glass fiber and rock wool sponge in public places such as piano rooms, machine rooms, conference rooms, gyms, concert halls, recording studios, highway soundproof walls, etc.

Polyester environmental sound-absorbing cotton performance characteristics:

(1) High sound absorption and good sound insulation performance. Polyester fiber sound absorption cotton is a porous material. It can make the sound form a backflow in its cavity through the special high-density tissue of the fiber, effectively achieving sound absorption and sound insulation.

(2) Good thermal insulation.

(3) Flame retardancy: Polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton is experimentally tested at the National Fire Equipment Quality Inspection Center, and has reached the B1 level of building material combustion performance.

(4) Tight structure and stable form

(5) Light weight, safe and convenient construction.

(6) The product does not contain formaldehyde and is harmless to the human body. It has been proven through multiple experiments that it does not have any allergies to human skin, has no pollution to the environment, and has no odor.

(7) Waterproof, strong drainage after water immersion, sound absorption performance does not decrease, and shape remains unchanged.

(8) It can be used twice, easy to destroy, and has no secondary pollution to the environment.

Sound-absorbing cotton processing method: Use a utility knife or scissors to cut into the required shape.

How to use: It can be directly pasted on walls and ceilings without a protective surface, or it can be directly filled as a built-in sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material.

Product use: For home piano rooms, bedrooms, partition walls, top decoration and sports venues, concert halls, cinemas, auditoriums and other public places to absorb sound and reduce noise.