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The main use of PP imitation non-woven fabric
- 2019-11-13-

The main uses of PP imitation non-woven fabric are as follows:

The main materials of PP imitation nonwovens are polyester and polypropylene.

The main products of PP imitation non-woven fabrics are polypropylene, polyester (long fiber, short fiber) non-woven fabrics. The most common and most commonly used applications are non-woven bags,

PP imitation non-woven fabric, etc .; It is easier to identify the spun-bonded non-woven fabric, and generally has good two-way fastness. The rolling point of the general spun-bonded non-woven fabric is diamond.

At the application level, it can also be used as flower packaging cloth, luggage cloth, etc. The characteristics of wear resistance, firm feel and so on make him the choice of making such products.

The main products are the following specifications; Product specifications: gram weight: 9g-70g, width: 150mm-2400mm color: white, lake blue, light lake blue, light blue, light green

Medical health: surgical gown, cap, cover, plaster cotton, women's sanitary napkin, baby diaper, wet face towel, sanitary underwear, dust cover.

Agriculture: Good harvest cloth, greenhouse cloth.

Industry: floppy disk lining, horn cloth, filter material, speaker sound insulation felt, seal ring lining, cable cloth, fiberglass reinforced towel, industrial wipes, shock-proof gasket, insulation material, tape-based lining, pipe-based lining, ventilation duct Sharpei.

Packaging: compound cement bag, luggage interlining cloth, packaging base lining, duvet, storage bag, mobile jacquard luggage cloth.

Clothing shoes: clothing lining, flakes, toe lining, heel lining, underwear, artificial deerskin, synthetic leather, warm shoe lining, cloth sole lining.

Automotive industry: waste textile insulation thermal felt, shockproof felt, canopy, cushion lining, carpet, door lining, automotive filter, molded cushion.

Household clothing: sofa cloth, carpet, wall covering, mirror cleaning cloth, tea bag, vacuum cleaner filter bag, shopping bag, printed sheets, entertainment cover, upholstery, sleeping bag, dry cleaning cloth, clean cloth, curtain, table cloth, lampshade.

Civil engineering, construction: reinforcement, reinforcement, filtration, linoleum base cloth, drainage board, roof waterproofing material, railway, highway, dyke, water slope, port sound insulation, sewer, heat protection, separation, drainage.