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Application of sound-absorbing cotton for automobile
- 2019-11-16-

The application of sound-absorbing cotton for automobiles is as follows:

Name: Sound-absorbing cotton for automobile

Brand: Flower Bud

Specification: Gram weight: 100g / ㎡ ~ 3000g / ㎡

Width: 0.5m ~ 3m

Thickness: 0.5cm ~ 10cm

Product certification: UL 94VO fire test, Dongfeng Nissan VOC emission standard, sound absorption test of Tongji University Institute of Acoustics, ROHS, ul94v1, etc. Applications: car floor, trunk interior, trunk lid, door sound absorption and vibration reduction.

According to the process, it can be divided into hot-air cotton and needle-punched cotton. According to the color, it can be divided into white, gray, and black. According to the test requirements, there are UL-94V0, VOC emissions, sound absorption, and ROHS.

Environmental sound-absorbing cotton is a new product developed to replace harmful sound-absorbing materials such as glass fiber and rock wool sponge. 100% polyester fiber is a highly efficient sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material that is close to nature and harmless to the human body and the environment. Environmentally friendly polyester fiber is processed by a special process. Its major difference from traditional sound-absorbing materials is that it is environmentally friendly, sound-absorbing, and does not have any peculiar smell. Soft hand, flat surface, good vertical and horizontal strength, good sound absorption effect, it is a better choice for sound absorption materials in noise management projects. Environmentally sound-absorbing cotton is used in Europe and the United States.

Product Usage:

1. Instead of rock wool or glass wool, it is used as a light wall partition wall for light steel keel gypsum board structure;

2. Instead of sponges and other sound-absorbing soft bags for entertainment places such as KTV, theaters, dance halls, etc .;

3. It is used for acoustic decoration and decoration of recording studios, listening rooms, interrogation rooms and other places.

Product advantages:

1. 100% environmentally friendly products, 100% recyclable

2. High deformation rate

3, sturdy, easy to use, easy to process, can be made into various shapes according to different needs, long service life

4, will not rot, can resist the corrosion of various microorganisms, fungi, acids, salts and hydrocarbons

5, tasteless, does not release any harmful substances such as formaldehyde

6, anti-aging, wear-resistant, washable, never deformed, soft and smooth

7.Good waterproof, moisture-proof and breathable performance

8. No additives or adhesives are added in the production process

Product performance:

1. Longer compression deformation of 2% (GB / T10295-1988);

2, 45-degree angle combustion: flame-resistant grade (TB / T2402-1993);

3. The noise reduction coefficient reaches NRC≥0.76 (GB 47-83);

4. Hydrophobic rate: 98% (GB / T10299-1988);

5. Water vapor permeability index is 2.46 * 10-6g / ㎡.s.Pa (GB / T17146-1997)

Advantages of polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton:

* Instead of glass wool, rock wool, sponge, polystyrene perlite, etc. Available in flame retardant or non-flammable (optional).

* Conforming to environmental protection testing performance, reaching national E1 level. The fire protection level is national B1 level, which is a flame-resistant product.

* No aging, no crushing, no formaldehyde, no allergies to the human body, no pollution to the environment, no odor.

* Acoustic properties will not decay for a long time. High bending and compressive strength.

Product range

* Wall absorbs (separate) sound * Mechanical equipment absorbs (separate) sound

* Suspended ceiling (separation) sound * Air conditioning duct suction (separation) sound

* Door (window) sound (separation) sound * Building floor suction (separation) sound

* Speaker sucks (separate) sound * KTV sucks (separate) sound