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Meltblown filter material manufacturers teach you how to choose air filter cotton
- 2019-11-29-

Meltblown filter material manufacturers teach you how to choose air filter cotton as follows:

First, look at the material

High-quality air filter cotton is made of organic synthetic fibers with high elasticity, high tensile strength and break resistance. It is manufactured with high-quality high-quality water-based resin glue and processed through dipping and other processes. It is reinforced with high-performance polyester fabric or fiber mesh to prevent any fibers from falling off and leaking. If the filter cotton you use appears fiber shedding and hair loss, it may be a problem of the raw materials and manufacturing process of the filter cotton.

Second, weighing

The weight of filter cotton should be 560-620 grams per square meter. The higher the weight, the better the quality, and the better the effect; if the weight is insufficient, the density is not enough, and the filtering effect is greatly reduced. Some manufacturers on the market in order to save Cost, cut corners, so when you buy filter cotton, do more comparisons, choose high-quality manufacturers with weight and credibility, don't just try to be cheap.

Third, the gel content

Filter cotton is divided into two types: surface spray glue and three-dimensional spray glue. Surface glue filter cotton is coated with glue on the surface during production, and three-dimensional glue filter cotton is glued on the inside. Therefore, the three-dimensional sprayed filter cotton has better effect and longer service life. If the amount of glue is not uniform, the viscosity is small, the quality of the glue is not good, and the adsorption effect of dust and fibers is poor, the phenomenon of hair loss and slag may occur.

In summary, when choosing filter cotton, try to shop around as much as possible, do not covet small, cheap, and low-quality filter cotton, which seriously affects the use of the equipment and fails to achieve the best filter effect.

In summary, before selecting, you still need to have a clear understanding and understanding of air filter cotton, so that you can choose the right air filter cotton and avoid blind selection.