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Congratulations to Hualei's meltblown filter material for passing Anhui quality supervision and inspection!
- 2019-12-05-

The smog weather has come, the air quality is getting worse and worse, and everyone's requirements for mask respirators have gradually increased, and the mask manufacturers have increasingly strict requirements for related materials.

The meltblown filter material produced by Anqing Hualei Textile Material Co., Ltd. has a filtration efficiency higher than KN95 and BFE99 required by the national standard GB2626-2006, a standard purification and dust-free workshop, and full-automatic computer online cutting to meet different needs. Third-party testing reports from authoritative organizations are welcome to inquire and order, the price is beautiful.

With the deterioration of air quality, the phenomenon of haze weather increases, and the harm is aggravated. Recently, many areas in China have combined haze weather phenomena into fog as early warning and forecast for severe weather, collectively referred to as "haze weather." In fact, fog and haze are very different from a certain perspective. For example, the air is humid when fog occurs; the air is relatively dry when haze occurs, and the relative humidity of air is usually below 60%. The reason for its formation is due to a large number of extremely fine dust particles, soot particles, salt particles, etc., which evenly float in the air, causing the phenomenon of air erosion with an effective horizontal visibility of less than 10 kilometers. The diurnal variation of haze is generally not obvious. When the air mass does not change significantly, the air mass is stable for a long time, sometimes lasting more than 10 days.

Due to weather phenomena such as haze, light mist, sand storm, rising sand, floating dust, smoke, etc., all are caused by a large number of extremely fine dust particles or smoke particles floating in the air, resulting in an effective level of visibility of less than 10 kilometers, which sometimes makes it difficult for meteorological professionals. distinguish. It is necessary to comprehensively analyze and judge the factors such as weather background, sky conditions, air humidity, color and odor, and satellite monitoring in order to draw correct conclusions, and the weather phenomena of fog and haze can sometimes be interchanged. Haze is harmful to the human body after being inhaled into the respiratory tract, and can cause serious death.