PP imitation nonwovens wholesale

PP imitation nonwovens wholesale

Product Details

PP spunbond non-woven fabric is a non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly product. It has a wide range of uses, such as environmental protection bags, bedding linings, industrial processes, etc., and has good anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, antistatic, antibacterial and thermal insulation properties. The company can produce any color, the weight is 9-260g, and the width is requested by customers (can be cut according to requirements).

Performance and advantages: environmental protection, good air permeability, good tensile strength, not easy to deform, water absorption and dehumidification, various colors and thicknesses.


1. Light weight: The proportion of polypropylene is only 0.9, which is only three-fifths of that of cotton. It is thin and light, and has excellent fluffiness.

2. Softness: It is composed of fine fibers (2-3D), which is formed by point-shaped hot-melt bonding, and the finished product has moderate softness and comfort.

3. Breathable: Polypropylene chips do not absorb water, have zero moisture content, have good water-extracting properties, have 100% fiber composition, have porosity, good breathability, and easy to keep the cloth dry.

Fourth, non-toxic, non-irritating: the product is produced in accordance with FDA food-grade raw materials, molded by thermal bonding, the product does not contain other chemical components, stable chemical properties, non-toxic, non-odor.