BFE95 meltblown cloth

BFE95 meltblown cloth

Product Details

Functions and application areas of BFE95 meltblown cloth:

Filter material

Filtration is a separation process. The physical properties of the porous and small pores determine its good solid barrier properties, that is, the filtration performance is good. If there is an electret treatment, which increases electrostatic performance, it can also increase the filtration effect. The above characteristics of meltblown non-woven fabrics make them widely used in medical masks, room air conditioner filter materials, filter media, etc.

2. Medical and health materials

The raw material of meltblown non-woven fabric is PP environmental protection material, so its environmental protection and hygienic performance can also be used in medical products, such as medical masks, clothes and hats.

3 environmentally friendly materials.

Its strong adsorption action can be used to adsorb sewage oil, such as oil spill accidents at sea, oil leakage from plant equipment and sewage treatment.

4. Thermal insulation material.

The inherent properties of meltblown non-woven fabrics, such as thin, soft, warm, and good breathability, also make them used in clothing materials.

1) 100% PP polyendene raw material, referred to as MB especially any additives;

2) Gram weight: 10gsm-300gsm;

3) width: 1.65m, can be cut;

4) Have good softness, non-toxic, antibacterial, filter haze / virus.

5) Can be double-composite hot-rolled for ultrasonic compounding of wiping cloths and spunbond cloths.

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