Efficient meltblown cloth

Efficient meltblown cloth

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How to use high-efficiency filter cotton and primary filter cotton

Filter cotton is a kind of filter material made of special materials. During the filtering process, it can effectively prevent those particles or dust from appearing in our bodies. When choosing high-efficiency and initial-effect filter cotton, you can better understand and identify. We have made a simple distinction between these two types of cotton.

Primary filter cotton: It mainly filters particulates larger than 5 microns, and is almost used in places where the air intake of ventilation equipment and air control systems is used as pre-filtration or coarse filtration, which is in direct contact with outdoor air. It is also mostly used for plate filters. , Folding plate filter, bag filter and other filter equipment. Then the medium-efficiency filter cotton generally filters some small particles, which are more than 1 micron, and is used for secondary or ultimate filtration after coarse-effect filtration, and it is also mostly used for plate filter media.

High-efficiency filter cotton: The air outlet of this filter is relatively dense. At the same time, it also adds a layer of grid-like mesh to set it. This structure allows the filter material to maintain high filtration efficiency and dust holding capacity. Extend the service life of the filter. When using 600G and 560G, in addition to ensuring good air quality, the resistance of the filter is relatively high.

It also has a special structure, which uses multi-layer encryption technology, that is, the fiber density gradually increases toward the direction of pure air, higher filtration efficiency, can be blocked at different density levels according to the size of the dust, and more effectively accommodate More dust. The filter has three characteristics: surface tack, full tack, and dryness.