Meltblown filter

Meltblown filter

Product Details

The performance characteristics of meltblown filter media are as follows:
First, continuous polypropylene long fiber produced by melt-blown process with polypropylene as raw material;
Second, high filtration accuracy, large flow, uniform structure, large amount of pollution, and long service life;
Third, it has good chemical compatibility, without any additives, the fiber is not easy to fall off;
Fourth, it is widely used;

High dirt retention capacity:
In the deep layer of the entire filter element, the effect of truly capturing particles by density is achieved, so that the effectiveness of the filter element is fully exerted; higher dirt retention capacity means long service life and low replacement frequency and even cost savings; the surface density of the filter element Lower, and the density gradually increases from the surface to the center of the filter element; there is no surface blind spot that will reduce the filter element flow rate and increase the frequency of replacement.
Pure polypropylene structure:
High-temperature bonding fiber; does not contain humectants, antistatic agents, and binders; a wide range of chemical resistance; easy to handle after incineration; meets FDA food and beverage industry requirements; does not produce leachables and releases .