Environmental sound-absorbing cotton

Environmental sound-absorbing cotton

Product Details

Product name: environmental protection soundproof cotton

Product specifications: commonly used 1200 * 600 * 50mm, 20000 * 1000 * 30mm (other customized)

Product grade: environmental protection E1, flame retardant industry standard

Material: polyester fiber

Product density: 8kg / 20kg / 32kg / 48kg / 60kg / 80kg / m3 (other customized)

Application: KTV, bar, hotel, guesthouse, home theater, movie theater, office, concert hall

Kindergarten, training room, recording studio, gym, library, piano room, drum room, etc.

Polyester environmental sound-absorbing cotton performance characteristics:

(1) High sound absorption and good sound insulation performance. Polyester fiber sound absorption cotton is a porous material. It can make the sound form a backflow in its cavity through the special high-density tissue of the fiber, effectively achieving sound absorption and sound insulation.

(2) Good thermal insulation.

(3) Flame retardancy: Polyester fiber sound-absorbing cotton is experimentally tested at the National Fire Equipment Quality Inspection Center, and has reached the B1 level of building material combustion performance.

(4) Tight structure and stable form

(5) Light weight, safe and convenient construction.

(6) The product does not contain formaldehyde and is harmless to the human body. It has been proven through multiple experiments that it does not have any allergies to human skin, has no pollution to the environment, and has no odor.

(7) Waterproof, strong drainage after water immersion, sound absorption performance does not decrease, and shape remains unchanged.

(8) It can be used twice, easy to destroy, and has no secondary pollution to the environment.